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About Us – Hot Tub Chooser

How we got started…

Back in 2002, our founders Nick and Karen Clamp started looking to buy a hot tub. They quickly discovered that it was a minefield of confusing information and sometimes conflicting arguments about the merits of different hot tub features.

As they journeyed towards hot tub ownership they decided to take on the challenge of helping other hot tub buyers by wading through the mountain of information and simplifying the process. WhatSpa? magazine was born in 2005 and will celebrate its 20th birthday in 2025, having helped over 1 million UK hot tub buyers to realise their dream of buying a fabulous new hot tub.

Hot Tub Chooser is Born

In 2020 the WhatSpa? editorial team realised there was a need for a platform that could compare every hot tub model on the market and match models to the individual requirements of each hot tub buyer, giving each buyer the very best 3 matches for their needs.

Our goal is to make the process of buying a hot tub as smooth and stress-free as possible for our users. We understand that investing in a hot tub is a big decision, both financially and for your overall well-being, so we want to ensure that you have all the necessary knowledge and tools to make an informed choice.

Hot Tub Chooser was designed and built using a powerful matching algorithm, and it has been supercharged in 2024 with a new quote generation engine that sends the best deal for each hot tub match directly to the buyer…think for hot tubs!

“We make choosing and buying your ideal hot tub easy and enjoyable. By comparing your requirements with our database of over 750 hot tubs and their accompanying specifications, we find you the best hot tub for you and your family,” enthused Nick.

How it Works

With Hot Tub Chooser, you can quickly and easily:

Hot Tub Chooser stringently vets every manufacturer and retailer to ensure that they meet our strict quality standards, so you can feel confident that you’re making the right purchase with only WhatSpa? Approved hot tub models, manufacturers and dealers.

We do not support online-only websites as history is littered with many examples of hot tub websites closing down at short notice and leaving customers high and dry with no support. The brands and models shown on Hot Tub Chooser will always be able to be viewed in store where you can actually meet the staff at the showroom and reassure yourself that you’re making a good long term buying decision.

Meet the Team

Nick Clamp

I’m one of the founders at WhatSpa? Media Group so I’ve been here since the very beginning in 2005! Prior to launching WhatSpa? in 2005, Karen and I ran a successful hot tub dealership in West Yorkshire.

We quickly found that most buyers were utterly confused about how to choose a suitable hot tub brand and model so we set about creating WhatSpa?, which started out as a website then evolved into WhatSpa? magazine in 2006.

Karen Clamp

I’m also one of the original founders at WhatSpa? and have been working in the hot tub and swim spa industry since 2003. I’m also the company secretary and Finance Director.

I love to get actively involved in the front end of the business whenever possible and enjoy working on all our print publications, digital websites, and social media campaigns.

Jonny Russell

I’m the Digital Marketing Manager at WhatSpa? Media Group looking after the management of the digital marketing channels across both Hot Tub Chooser, WhatSpa? and WhatSwimSpa?

Across my 5 years of working for WhatSpa? I’ve developed a strong understanding of the pains experienced by consumers within the wet leisure market and the target audience.

Isaac Rose

I’m the Head of Videography for the WhatSpa? Media Group team and handle everything video content-related.

From pre-shoot planning, filming content on the day, and putting it all together in the edit, for anything video-related I’m available.

Alex Clamp, MSc

I’m the Content Marketing Manager at WhatSpa?, spending a lot of my time writing SEO-optimised blog content for both Hot Tub Chooser, WhatSpa? & WhatSwimSpa?

I also help to script various pieces of video content that we create as a team based on my experience gained during my MSc Organisational & Occupational Psychology degree.

Our team at consists of industry experts, experienced hot tub owners, and passionate writers who are dedicated to providing valuable and unbiased information on hot tubs.

Why buy a hot tub?

Hot tubs have grown hugely in popularity over the last few years due to their proven health benefits. Soaking in a good quality hot tub for half an hour each day can reduce stress, improve circulation, release toxins, alleviate the symptoms of muscle, joint and back pain and can vastly improve the quality of restful sleep.

Besides promoting a real sense of health and well-being, hot tubs are tremendous fun and a great way of spending quality time relaxing with friends and family. Hot tubs are one of the most life-enhancing consumer products available in the home leisure market and this shows in the growth in popularity of hot tubs throughout the UK over the last decade.