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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Hot Tub Chooser tool or you want to find out a little more about our service, our frequently asked questions below should be able to help.

What is Hot Tub Chooser?

Hot Tub Chooser is a powerful hot tub comparison tool that makes finding your ideal hot tub easy by matching you with hot tubs that meet your search criteria.

Our website does the hard work of reviewing the vast range of hot tubs available and the accompanying specifications, to match you with a hot tub that meets all your needs.

Hot Tub Chooser is backed by WhatSpa?, the UK’s leading hot tub publication. A key tenet for WhatSpa? is its independence, which ensures you receive informed, unbiased and impartial advice.

How do I search for hot tubs with Hot Tub Chooser?

Searching for your ideal hot tub with Hot Tub Chooser is easy, all you need to do is to go to this page to get started. Your search questionnaire takes under a minute to complete and includes all the essential questions required to match you with your ideal hot tub.

How does your hot tub comparison work?

The Hot Tub Chooser comparison tool is based on an algorithm that our expert team has created to match you with the hot tubs that meet the benefits and features that you’re looking for.

Our algorithm analyses the answers you’ve given from the search questionnaire, to match you with 3 hot tubs from our extensive database of quality hot tubs available in the UK. Your matched hot tubs are all based within your region to ensure that you can view the hot tubs in person and conduct a crucial ‘wet test’.

What do I need to get started?

We don’t ask for anything complex, all we ask are 6 simple questions that are needed to match you with your ideal hot tub. These questions are:

  • What do you want from your hot tub?
  • What will be the max number of bathers at any one time?
  • Whether children will be using the hot tub?
  • Are you limited for space?
  • What is your maximum budget?
  • What is your postcode?

What are the WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards?

Since 2006, the WhatSpa? Best Buy Awards have become the industry-standard recognition for hot tubs that achieve the best scores in our rigorous tests for quality and value across all price brackets. Our Best Buy Awards cannot be purchased or influenced by third parties, such as manufacturers and retailers, and we take great pride in their independence, which is why they are now held in such high esteem by hot tub buyers.

What is the next step once Hot Tub Chooser has matched me with my ideal hot tubs?

Once you’ve viewed your hot tub matches, you can request exclusive Hot Tub Chooser quotes from your local, approved dealers for the 3 matched hot tub models. By finding you the best quotes upfront, we take the hassle and haggle out of buying a hot tub.

We're a hot tub dealer, how do we appear in Hot Tub Chooser's search results?

If you are a hot tub dealer or manufacturer and wish to be considered in Hot Tub Chooser’s search results, the way to contact us is by using the contact form.